Quality and

Quality and sustainability is at the forefront of our ethos to supply the freshest fish across the board. The majority of our fish is sourced from day boats around the UK's fishing ports, primarily Brixham, Newlyn, Sussex and Peterhead. We not only pride ourselves on selecting the finest seafood from local day boats, but also line caught and MSC certified fish. We use specialist importers for our Sushi Grade, Line caught Tuna and our Line Caught Swordfish.


The salmon we sell is sourced from Loch Duart in the clean waters of north-west Scotland. Loch Duart's policy on sustainability and environmental responsibility has meant they have been the first salmon producer to be 'RSPCA freedom food' approved.

We are moving towards being as plastic free as possible, using paper and biodegradable alternatives.

Ask us about any fish we sell and we will tell you where it was sourced and how it was caught.
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