Cooking lessons brought to life for Stansted GCSE students

James Ackroyd gives a lesson in how to fillet a fish

Submitted by Forest Hall School

Cooking lessons came to life when a fishmonger gave a live demonstration to budding chefs. Year 10 GCSE food students from Forest Hall School, in Stansted, in Essex, took part in a masterclass on how to fillet fish.

They were guided by James Ackroyd, of Potter Street Fishmongers in Bishops Stortford, in Hertfordshire, who also spoke with students about how to know if a fish is fresh and demonstrated how to cook fish.

Linda McCormack, food teacher, said: “Students got hands-on experience of how to fillet a fish and learned the vital skill. The aim of the masterclass was to teach students the high-level skill of filleting a fish as this is part of the GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum.

James Ackroyd with the students at Forest Hall School

"The aim was also to engage and get students enjoying practical lessons. It is amazing for students to be enjoying cooking and learning at the same time.

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