Congratulations to Potter Street Fishmongers who won the final Mayor’s Award for Business for April. They are a traditional style fishmongers with a few 21st century twists. Their priority is to source quality fish and seafood from around the UK.

They received the award for recognition of their great customer service.

Well done to them!

James Ackroyd gives a lesson in how to fillet a fish

Submitted by Forest Hall School

Cooking lessons came to life when a fishmonger gave a live demonstration to budding chefs. Year 10 GCSE food students from Forest Hall School, in Stansted, in Essex, took part in a masterclass on how to fillet fish.

They were guided by James Ackroyd, of Potter Street Fishmongers in Bishops Stortford, in Hertfordshire, who also spoke with students about how to know if a fish is fresh and demonstrated how to cook fish.

Linda McCormack, food teacher, said: “Students got hands-on experience of how to fillet a fish and learned the vital skill. The aim of the masterclass was to teach students the high-level skill of filleting a fish as this is part of the GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum.

James Ackroyd with the students at Forest Hall School

"The aim was also to engage and get students enjoying practical lessons. It is amazing for students to be enjoying cooking and learning at the same time.

Free home deliveries are available from Bishop's Stortford town centre's Potter Street Fishmongers in Eat 17.

The wet fish counter, which is within the supermarket and street food emporium in Potter Street, remains open. As part of the new twice-weekly home delivery service, groceries from the Spar store can be included in orders.

Boss James Ackroyd said: "The current pandemic is affecting us all massively, but we are continuing to make sure everyone can eat well while at home.

"We have started our free home deliveries and we are also delivering stock from Eat 17's shelves, such as bread, eggs, milk etc."

Deliveries are available within a 10-mile radius of Bishop's Stortford on Wednesdays and Fridays with a minimum spend of £20.

James, who employs Adam Andrews as his assistant, said: "All fish is either suitable for home freezing or comes already frozen, such as prawns and cleaned squid etc. Fresh fish will be vacuum-packed upon request to freeze in the best state possible."

Potter Street Fishmongers

"Our ever-popular running offer of four portions of fish for £12 still stands, alongside a complete range of British fish available at kilo prices."

To order, call 01279 652122 or email

Food tech students at a Bishop's Stortford school are hoping to become brill at using and handling fish.

Year 9, 10 and 11 girls at Herts and Essex High in Warwick Road have taken their plaice in a scheme called Fish Heroes.

Their teacher, Mrs Borman, hooked them up with the initiative, which is angling to promote awareness of, and familiarity with, fish in schools, ensuring that no child is left floundering and gets a chance to prepare, cook and eat fish before they leave school.

Herts and Essex netted funding through the scheme so it can shell out for a variety of fish for its students, who have been getting to grips with filleting and preparing fish for recipes such as coley fishcakes and soy glazed mackerel.

Teachers taking part are supported by local 'fish heroes': fishmongers, fish-loving chefs and fish suppliers, among others, who go into schools to talk about their role in bringing seafood from the sea to the plate, highlighting careers and opportunities in the fish industry.

The Stortford school has landed James Ackroyd at Potter Street Fishmongers, housed within Eat 17, who supplies the fish Mrs Borman needs for her lessons.

Good for the sole: The food tech scene at Herts and Essex High

The school hopes the scheme will be good for the sole and that any girl who is hard of herring will be left breaming with confidence.

Fish Heroes is managed by Food Teachers Centre, an online platform for over 7,500 secondary school teachers to share best practice, advise and support less experienced staff and keep abreast of curriculum changes.

Carp-e diem: Herts and Essex High School girls are becoming Fish Heroes
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